Proposition 8 Overturned

5 Aug

So, as a good little Christian girl, I am supposed to say “Oh no! That’s horrible and ungodly!” However, my reaction was more like this: “Squee! Yay!!!” Why? I’m not really sure. I’m very happy for everyone that this affects!

I think it’s great that this country is finally giving everyone the chance to choose who they love! As my friend once said: Love knows no gender – it’s not whether you’re male or female.

I think that those who are upset about this are upset mainly for their religion. As I stated above, I am a Christian. Do I believe same sex relationships are wrong? Sure – but I have to say I have mad love for anyone brave enough to just be who you are and ignore everyone else. Keep on fighting!

I leave you with this: get your arses to California and lets get on with this!

Earth to World

25 Jul


Okay, so I went to the American Idol tryouts in Wisconson, and now I am very angry. I’m sorry, just because you didn’t make it doesn’t mean that the tryouts are unfair, nor does it mean you suck. You just aren’t what they wanted. MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIFE!

If they didn’t pick you, keep practising. If they did – congratulations! I didn’t make it, but have to say that the experiance is incredible and you meet some really awesome people. But don’t let it ruin your dreams just because you don’t get it! Seriously, are people that stuck on this?

My New Fashion Sense ~

23 Jul

So, after my strange obsession with all things dark, gory, goth, and villionous, I find mysel ready to move on to -what’s that you say?- glam goth.

I love sparkle, glitter, and jewlry, but I also love black, flowy dresses and Tripp pants. So why not combine them? I already get a ton of strange looks, whats it matter?

So, this is my new endeavor. Creating a new fashion. Fun fun! I’ll let ya know how it all goes later ;).

Hello world!

23 Jul

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!